Exciting news is afoot in Kingsbridge, as Beers LLP proudly announces the promotion of Zoë Le Fort to the role of Partner and Head of its Private Client department.  

Established in 1885, Beers LLP has been serving the Kingsbridge and Plymouth communities for over 137 years, earning a strong reputation for professional excellence and friendly service. The Firm’s long-standing dedication to providing high-quality legal services has made them a trusted name for generations.  

Zoë’s promotion reflects the firm’s commitment to providing exceptional private client services. With her wealth of experience in advising on wills, estate planning, trusts, probate, powers of attorney, and Court of Protection matters, clients can continue to expect skilled legal guidance under her leadership.  

What are Private Client services?

Private Client services cater to a diverse array of needs, often at critical life stages. Private Client solicitors have the expertise to guide you when you are looking to: 

  • Make a comprehensive will 

  • Navigate the complexities of estate planning 

  • Establish trusts to protect your assets 

  • Manage the probate process 

  • Plan for future decision-making through powers of attorney 

Under Zoë’s leadership, the Beers Private Client team concentrates on addressing the challenges experienced by clients and their families, such as managing the estate and finances of a departed loved one. 

These services ensure that your financial and personal affairs are in safe hands, granting you peace of mind for your future and that of your loved ones. 

Get in touch with Beers LLP 

Whether you are safeguarding your assets, planning for the future, or managing the affairs of ageing loved ones, the Beers LLP team is committed to offering you the best possible legal support.  

Their experienced team offers personalised guidance, tailored to your specific needs and supported by Law Society-approved management and accounting procedures.  

Contact Beers LLP today to experience first-hand the dedication and expertise that have made them a trusted choice in both Kingsbridge and Plymouth.