Parking drivel – give us a break

Thursday 9th February 2017 4:19 pm

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MARTYN THOMPSON, of West Charleton, Kingsbridge, writes:

South Hams Council’s ­proposed changes to permit parking, at first reading, made me look carefully at the date: is it April 1?

I understand that the council proposes to limit the number of parking permit holders to 10 per cent of the available bays.

This begs the question: is South Hams going to mark out the 10 per cent of bays, ie 24 spaces in the Creek car park, Salcombe, and 26 in the quay car park, Kingsbridge, etc, ­indicating clearly that they are for permit holders only?

I think not.

Or will there be an attendant on duty to count the number of permit holders arriving and advise motorists when the ­allocation is fully taken up?

I think not.

Are we, then, going to have to allow extra time when using the appropriate car park to walk the entire car park, counting the number of permit holders to make a quick calculation to see if we would be allowed to park without attracting a penalty?

I think not.

The council’s proposal is to move to a paperless system, and so we wouldn’t know who was a permit holder and who was not.

Therefore, I think not.

Who is going to spend a ­considerable amount of time in the wind and rain counting cars before parking?

I certainly would not.

Is the council proposing to restrict the number of weekly season tickets to be included in the 10 per cent, or as an ­additional 10 per cent? At the moment it sells unrestricted weekly season tickets, often during the main holiday period, far in excess of the number of spaces available.

I think not, as it is a lucrative source of income for very little effort.

South Hams Council stated that 157 people have bought parking permits – does it know at which car parks they are used? It may well be a different percentage in each car park. Considerably more than 10 per cent in Kingsbridge and Salcombe, I would guess.

Places such as Bigbury Rural have 25 permits, valid in Bigbury-on-Sea car park. That’s three more permits than Dartmouth town centre, one fewer than Kingsbridge town centre, eight more than Kingsbridge cattle market and five more than Totnes town centre – the whole idea is up for some serious leg pulling (I wish to be polite).

Parking permit holders are also shoppers, and with a permit to park we are also visitors to other South Hams locations.


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