A dogs and cats home have recently taken in a stray cat with a badly damaged eye. Cloudy, as he has affectionately been named, was being fed by several people but had not seen a vet for over five years. As a result, his damaged eye became swollen, infected and ulcerated and he was in constant pain and discomfort.

It is unclear what caused the damage to Cloudy’s eye but after an examination they contracted an Ivybridge vets who concluded the most likely cause was blunt force trauma such as a kick or a collision with a car. Cloudy was given pain relief and started on a course of antibiotic eye drops in an attempt to get the infection in his eye under control. Sadly Cloudy was in too much pain and he could not tolerate having the eye drops. With the damage to his eye so severe, it leaves them with only one course of action, the complete removal of his eye.

Cloudy is also suffering from gingivitis and severe tooth decay so will need a dental to help him feel more comfortable. It is difficult to predict an accurate age for Cloudy due to the severity of the decay on his teeth but the vet estimated he is only around seven years old. Despite everything that Cloudy has been through he remains a very affectionate cat who just wants some fuss, attention and a lap to curl up on.

General Manager, Claire Sparkes said: “Although Cloudy has clearly had a rough time as a stray he is a very sweet boy. Although we are disappointed we cannot save his eye, we are really pleased he has found his way to us so we can put an end to his pain and make his future more comfortable. He has already become a favourite amongst the cattery staff and once he is well enough for us to begin the search for a forever home, we are sure he will have people queuing up.”

It is estimated it will cost the home £800 for all of Cloudy’s surgeries and after care, as well as basic care such as flea and worm treatment and vaccinations.

The home does not receive any government funding and has felt the financial strain from the Coronavirus pandemic, but they are determined to help Cloudy. If you can help to ease their financial burden by making a contribution to ‘Cloudy’s Vet Appeal’, please call 01752 331602 or visit www.justgiving.com/campaign/cloudy or www.paypal.me/gablesdogsandcats to donate online.